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NUJ Paris join Mayday 2012

Monday 7 May 2012, by Diana Smith, Jim Pollard

The NUJ Paris banner enjoys its latest manifestation.

In the sunshine outside St Jacques metro, a small but perfectly formed NUJ group gathered to support the annual trade union Mayday march through Paris.

Excitement no doubt heightened to fever pitch by the impending election, Pierre Tran, Jim Pollard, Diana Smith, Alison Culliford, George Kandalaft and Jeff Apter along with non-members Bela-Maria Maciel and Michele Solenghi managed to lose each other within about five minutes.

But the branch’s proud, fluorescent green banner did emerge briefly from its smart chicly Parisian denim carrying bag (designed and stitched by Bela-Maria) to be greeted by that now famous war-cry: c’est quoi le NUJ?

The answer, on this occasion, was ’all over the place’ but c’est la pensée qui compte as the French wouldn’t say. PS. Jim and Bela made it all the way to the Bastille!

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